Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Make a Difference ... for One Child

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One of the coolest things about World Vision isn't simply that the Christian humanitarian organization helps large numbers of people affected by disasters or humanitarian crises ... it's that we have created a way for people who care about those who are suffering to get connected to a single child who needs their help.

There are a number of ways we do this, but one of the most tried and true is called "child sponsorship." When sponsors find a child in a developing country to connect to, not only do they provide desperately needed financial support which resources a program, designed with full participation by community leaders to strategically meet the needs of that community's children, to provide things like healthcare, education, nutritious food, clean water and sanitation ... but they also create a one-to-one relationship with that child which benefits both the donor and the child (as well as her family and community). By praying for each other, communicating regularly via e-mail or postal mail, and even the occasional visit, for many this relationship has blossomed into a lifelong growing experience more precious than money.

Personally, my daughter Mandy and I saw the benefits of sponsorship firsthand when we visited Gracia, our sponsored child in the Congo, last summer. It was one of those life-changing experiences which neither of us will ever forget.

Our creative team here at World Vision has just developed a series of unique new videos highlighting the joys and benefits of child sponsorship. I have attached the very first one at the top of this blog entry. We are planning on launching it on our homepage later today ... but I wanted you to be the first to see it! I would appreciate you posting any comments you might have about this video.

And also be sure to share it with your friends. They can even go on YouTube and view it there, rate it, provide their comments or share it with their network of friends.

And, let them know about how fun and easy it is to sponsor a child on the World Vision Web site! You can search the online photo profiles of thousands of available children in dozens of developing world countries for that perfect child God has selected for you to connect with. (You can even search by birth date!)

Ever think the enormous problems of the world are too big to do anything about? Think again. You are just one person ... but you can make a difference in the life of a child who needs your help!


We invite you to share your own story about the joys of sponsorship on this blog. Please click the "comments" link below to send us your story or to read the stories shared by other sponsors.

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Anonymous said...

i have been a donor since 12/1988. my wife just started to spomsor her own child. in our hectic world, it is easy to forget those who need help. world vision reminds us that the need is great, that we are truly our brothers keepers; and the important things in life are not material. clean water, food, medical services, all and more for a 1$ a day.