Friday, November 30, 2007

World AIDS Day 2007

Our "countdown clock" is now ticking away the final few minutes remaining before World AIDS Day 2007 is upon us. We hope you have learned from and been moved by our "World AIDS Day 2007 Countdown" site.

There is so much going on around the world to help bring attention to this global pandemic which orphans some 6,000 boys and girls every day. The only remaining question is, are we going to sit up and take notice?

And are we going to DO SOMETHING to help stem the tide of human suffering?

World Vision created this countdown site not merely to profile what others are doing in the battle against HIV and AIDS, but to encourage YOU to do something. God is calling each of us to play our part to help overcome this greatest global pandemic in human history.

Please click the "comments" link at the end of this post and let us know what you are doing this World AIDS Day to make a difference! (Also, if you took photos or video of an event near you and would like to share these with our readers, post it on YouTube or Flickr and let us know the link!)

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Anonymous said...

Estimate of AIDS Cases In U.S. Rises
New Test Places the Rate Of Infection 50 Percent Higher
I am posting this while I watch AlJazeera TV and Omar the reporter is on the report in the South African town of Grateful Dead Live at Avalon Ballroom on 1967-01-27 (January 27, 1967)
Welcome to Avalon
The City of Destiny

200 are buries every weekend
There are about 2 million people with HIV in South Africa
5,000,000 in Vietnam
India has The Delhi Public awareness but the medicines are nor given out
Were are we in the modern It age having the precise laser guns that can kill in the darkest of the darn night still grope to keep LIVING probing for the medicines that are about us dollar 2 per patient per day.
I find this very sad
And who do I blame. The rich politicians who want more powers money for themselves but scream, " WE care, we must do something, we are going global, we want the world to know that we are here to help" okay I heard sir, but this needs cash not the smooth word coming out like the times you kissed the babies for votes and washed your lips and hands with the strongest detergents to get rid of the insects because I touched the baby with HIV???????
Is this it?
I thank you
Firozali A Mulla MBA PhD
P.O.Box 6044
East Africa