Wednesday, December 26, 2007

This Will Get Your Goat!

If you (like me) sometimes wait until the day after Christmas to get started on your "last-minute" Christmas shopping, here is a great option for you.

World Vision's Gift Catalog offers lightning-fast delivery of an eCard (and slightly slower delivery of a postal card acknowledging your gift) for gifts purchased on behalf of a friend or loved one. These gifts are perfect for the "person who has everything" because they actually accomplish something great somewhere in the world, in the life of a person who doesn't have everything!

Your gift will also warm the heart of your friend of loved one ... which is a great thing not every gift can do ... even if they don't find out about it until the day after Christmas!

Check out this cool ABC News video, and consider this for your "last-minute" (i.e., day-after) Christmas shopping ...

Also, here's a great audio piece on NPR's "Morning Marketplace" about the Gift Catalog (sorry that it's a RealMedia link).

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