Friday, December 01, 2006

Menlo Park Caregiver Kit Event

Video submitted by Tom Costanza, featuring World Vision's Andrea Dearborn.

Pre-AIDS Day activities at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California included putting together AIDS Care Packages and Prayer Notes. The packages will be shipped to Africa, the world's most AIDS-ravaged continent.

An "AIDS ribbon sculpture" which was created yesterday (Thursday, November 30) out of 3 million pennies, became the centerpiece at the warehouse where volunteers packed Caregiver Kits up for shipping. At left of the ribbon, volunteers are writing prayer cards to enclose in the kits.

Photos in this post by Gary Fong/Genesis Photos.

Participants Jessica Duggins and Alica Portman write personal Prayer Cards before putting them into the Caregiver Kit packages.

Close-up of the Caregiver Kits prepared yesterday by Menlo Park event attendees. Kits include petroleum jelly, soap, cotton, note books, pens, batteries, and personal Prayer Cards.

The Caregiver Kit assembly point at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church is a blur of activity as volunteers rush around, preparing kits for shipping to Africa.

Volunteers laid hands on the boxes and prayed that their efforts, prayers and hopes would touch people in other lands.

The following photos are provided by Andrea Dearborn ...

Jill Tremblay, a member of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, assembles a caregiver kit. She built her first caregiver kit in April. One of her kits ended up in the hands of a caregiver named Davis Tembo in Makungwa ADP, Zambia.

Priscilla, 9, and her friend Derek, 7, assemble caregiver kits. "I want to help people," says Priscilla. Both children diligently assembled caregiver kits all night, building so many that they lost track of the number.

Members of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in California marked World AIDS day by building 8,000 caregiver kits. Five truckloads of supplies arrived at a warehouse on Wednesday November 29, and volunteers spent hours arranging the event and sorting the supplies. On Thursday night, 1,400 kits were assembled. World Vision staff member Dana Buck helps prepare for the event.

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