Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day in Chicago

Eighth graders from a Chicago area elementary school stopped by the World Vision Storehouse to help put together caregiver kits for aids workers that will be sent to Africa. This is Candace Mason Woods preparing one of the finished kits for shipping.

Christopher Walker (left) and Imari Townsend.

Eighth grade teacher Ms. Brandy Bolden (left) helps Princess Zulu of Zambia assemble Caregiver Kits.

Princess Zulu helps student Candace Mason Woods assemble kits.

Princess Zulu, who is a prominent Zambian who is HIV-positive, shares her story and her hope with the visiting students.


Despite 20 degree weather and snow and ice on the ground over a thousand marchers from World Vision took to the streets of Chicago to support International AIDS Day which took place around the world Friday. The route of the march took the marchers through down town Chicago in the early evening hours. As the marchers made their way past the NBC 5 TV studios they found themselves part of the evening news.

All Photos by Bob Black/Genesis Photos.

The group of marchers makes its way past the old water station on North Michigan Ave.

Warming up with a few good marching songs.

All photos courtesy Bob Black/Genesis Photos.

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