Friday, December 01, 2006

Seattle, Washington Event: "Lives on the Line"

Blog contributor Ryan Smith; all photos by Jon Warren.

December 1 is a cold and rainy morning here is Seattle (what else is new?) ... but seven students from Seattle Pacific University woke before the sun in an effort to raise awareness about the AIDS pandemic.

They braved the 35-degree cold to create an interactive display, in the heart of their campus, depicting the plight of children orphaned or made vulnerable by AIDS. The display, called “Lives on the Line,” gives their fellow students the opportunity to take a card with a photo and story of a child in need and pray for him or her throughout World AIDS Day.

“I think people know that there is a problem with AIDS, but it can be hard to find things to do about it,” said sophomore Amy McNair. “We’re trying to find outlets for people to get involved.” The photo is a reminder to pray for and learn about a child from across the globe, Amy said. She and most of the others working this morning are members of the Acting on AIDS chapter on campus.

Students Turn Out in Droves

“It’s been overwhelming to see the number of volunteers,” says sophomore Wendy Whitley. “People are excited and willing to help and be involved, and whether they can come to every meeting or not, students want to do something.”

One of those students is Jon Viducich, a 19-year-old sophomore. He became aware of the AIDS crisis when his friends became passionate about it, and he has begun to learn more and get involved. “With all the things going on at college, I can’t do all the activities, but I like to be involved when I can,” he says.

These students have been working for weeks to lay the groundwork for the events of the day. And as dawn breaks, they are beginning to see the fruits of their efforts. A student tentatively walks up to the string of cards. “Go ahead and take a picture of an orphan,” Amy calls out. “Take it with you and pray for them throughout the day.” The girl smiles, takes a card, and continues on to class.

- Ryan Smith

Watch video.

World Vision AIDS Experience -- Africa Exhibit

A "miniature" version of the World Vision AIDS Experience was also available at SPU for students to examine this week ...

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